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Want to take a closer look at your motivations, needs and values?

Here’s the right tool for the job,

YES IT”S LONG – 40 questions long

BUT, For these 15 mins of pain😊  you get to understand what satisfies you the most in you at your work, what is the hidden thread behind different aspect of work that you like doing.

It may also serve as a guide in future choices at work. It does it using Career anchors. 

OK, so what are Career Anchors?

Career anchors are talents, motives, values and attitudes which give stability and direction to a person’s career – it is the ‘motivator’ or ‘driver’ of that person.

For example, a person with a primary theme of security/stability will always seek secure and stable assignments at work over more challenging and riskier ones.

The important part to know is that a career anchor is the one element in your self-concept that you will not give up, even in the face of difficult choices.

How do I know what are my career anchors?

With this tool you can grade all career anchors according to your preferences. After the grading is complete, you can see how you scored on all 8 anchors.