We are an award-winning Israeli consultancy specializing in people and culture development. 
Our unique blend of strategic, creative, and entrepreneurial expertise drives impactful HR transformations, managers’ development programs, and innovative learning content tailored for impactful, lasting change.
Our AI lab is where we explore, experiment, and innovate with cutting-edge AI tools while tapping into the potential of corporate learning, development, and innovation. 

Technology is amazing, but it’s the people who truly make a difference – that’s where you come in.
We’re building a team. A diverse group comprised of corporate leaders, AI pioneers, and specialists from various fields, including automation experts, L&D gurus, designers, prompts engineers and more. Together, we’ll tackle corporate challenges and collaborate to create tailor-made AI solutions.
Our approach involves brainstorming sessions, cooperative ideation, and shared inspiration to develop groundbreaking products.
So, are you ready to join us?