Business Innovation

We believe that every business needs innovation in order to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow. Looking at a business through the lens of new filters and new people paints it with surprising colors and creates interesting opportunities.

We are convinced that every business decision must be made the way that an investor chooses to invest in an entrepreneur; with vast knowledge of the target audience, competitive environment, value, differentiation, potential, and business model. Therefore, every business move that is translated into a work plan must be an expression of all of the above.
Product Development

Product Development

So there’s an idea, there’s economic feasibility, and the potential is shining with a brilliant light – does it fall into the organizational cliches of good ideas that have found themselves in a drawer? Or will it be something that becomes a reality within a few years?
We operate like a commando team that uses methodologies from the world of startups and brings about the quick creation of an MVP, through management strategies that places one foot in the corporation (while understanding its needs, and paying attention to challenges and office politics) and the second foot outside it, to enable an evaluative mechanism without restricting the organization.



What is a “Hackathon” and why is it relevant to you? Hackathon – a combination of hacking, cracking and a marathon – is a tool that enables you to crack challenges in a specified time by utilizing quality professionals. STUFF’s rich network provides you with the expertise of industry leaders, brilliant strategists, and gifted, creative people. All you have left to do is ask yourself:  What is the challenge that I’m facing, and who would I like to sit around the discussion table? 

Every Hackathon first has internal and external researching, writing the right brainstorming brief, adapting a specific methodology, and synthesizing the materials into an efficient work plan. 

2028: The future is already here

What will your business look like 10 years from now? What story will you reflect internally and externally? Singularities, fads and trends change the present and affect our future as consumers and businesses. Where will these changes find you? Are you asking yourself the right questions, and have you charted the ways in which to propel yourself forward?

The process deals with identifying the company’s vision in a changing reality, in which we touch on mapping the significant trends and offer strategic directions for the business’s future. The process includes internal and inspirational research, and using our network to gain an outpouring of knowledge from futurists, industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and creative, strategic and content-oriented people, who bring their experience and can contribute to cracking the challenge. Finally, a work plan is formulated that you can put into action.

Lean Corporate Startup​


In a place where AIRBNB has disrupted the world of tourism and UBER the world of transportation, one has to ask how organizations based on complex methodologies, boards of directors, steering committees and on-the-job missions can do to the market what three friends were able to do from the basement of their homes.


After years of experience in the development of low-resource, high-motivation startups, we bring models of lean processes that advocate for rapid execution, to large corporations, formulating quick solutions and having flexibility in introducing changes. The Lean Startup process is adopted by various organizations around the world and is an effective tool for examining and improving ideas while putting them into action.

Strategic Innovation​

Strategic Innovation

Management of multi-faceted thinking processes to examine business-innovation challenges. The process has a format that includes research and information management, corporate and independent thinking processes, and complete product comprehension, to form a strategic innovation program for the organization. Our thinking processes seek to link creative expertise with business connections, thus combining participants with creative and content expertise as well as connecting senior executives from different fields of business.
Speedboat Creative Sessions​


Sometimes, there are specific challenges that a company cannot solve on its own. Why does this happen? Because occasionally, the political forces within an organization bring the company to a deadlock, since they’re dealing with a challenge that the company hasn’t yet encountered thus far. It is precisely for such challenges that we bring a focused solution. The SPEEDBOAT discussions, as their name indicates, are carried out in a relatively short period of time, and will include members of management and a number of outside experts in one discussion group. These discussions will promote: Getting a grasp of the terrain through research and interviews, innovative methodology in discussion management, and fusing the discussion content together to formulate a work plan that will solve the present challenge.