Startups and Investments

We have a fetish for that fresh scent – the crackling of plastic surrounding the thing that is going to change an industry, that will undermine it if even only slightly.
We love to brainstorm ideas, to aim for the target audience, to crack the marketing strategy, to polish the business model, to meet the market and to draw conclusions; to learn, to change and to start again.


Over the past five years, we have accompanied many entrepreneurs; we have been partners in cracking down on many challenges / products and business plans, and we have invested in quite a few startups; with some of them, we’ve experienced grueling failures, and with others, we’re still soaring on the echoes of success. One of these startups is even listed on the Australian stock exchange, which has caused us to start specializing in the world of stocks.


The action and pace of the startup industry best reflects our internal rhythm.
We invite you to be impressed by the program we’ve founded with the RGE Group, from the services we offer to our investments.

Our Portfolio

Our Services


In the last five years, the amount of ideas that took shape on napkins in cafes, on draft papers and on presentations is truly unprecedented. But our greatest pride is that quite a few of them have been implemented. Even if they failed, they quickly came into play and created proof of concept for us, showing us that it may be worth separating from an idea or that we should continue persisting.


We also met a lot of eager entrepreneurs and great ideas; we carefully chose where to invest and, on this track, we’ve experienced spectacular failures but also exciting successes.


The most significant insight we have from this journey is that good ideas have a lot of good – actually, not good, but great – entrepreneurs! This is a rare commodity in which you should absolutely, unequivocally invest. In the startup life, a lot of changes take place – business directions (PIVOTS) that require flexibility of thought, inventiveness, openness, and ambition to persist and to advance. Therefore, we are looking for entrepreneurs as partners, who will be able to deal with changes, are able to deliver, and have fire in their eyes.

Marketing Strategy

We accompany startups through frameworks of accelerators and incubators, and also those that come directly to us. 


Our experience in being able to nail down a product, defining the target audience, mapping the competitive market, and creating the go-to marketing strategy make up the complete package that is required in order to weigh the potential of a business venture. 


Sometimes the story lies in the product, sometimes the potential exists specifically in the marketing strategy, and sometimes, the strength is in the connection between the partners involved in the business venture.


We know how to format the challenges of a project in terms of its idea, the way it is told over, and the marketing package that accompanies it, so that a clear distinction is created between the individual elements. 

Concept and Product

An idea isn’t a product, technology isn’t a product…so what, actually, is a product? A product is a combination of several factors: First, a focused definition of consumer benefit; second, a business model to make money from it; third, a targeting of the right specific user group to pay for the benefit you’ve provided. To begin with, we will construct a concept – an initial pilot, a prototype of the product we will try to test in the real world. Then we will move on to building the product, which will be done in an agile process of feedback and continuous development.

Fusion and Implementation in Organizations

STUFF invests in and accompanies many business ventures in the startup industry.

Familiarity with the professional jargon, pace and methodology enables us to understand the uniqueness of each venture and the potential to benefit leading corporations in the industry. The corporate world invests considerable resources in development, technology and the desire to reinvent itself.


Our ability to bring together these two worlds lies in our understanding of the two different languages and the existing opportunity to mediate between them. In the startup industry, many enterprises are forced to close in the absence of investment; in the corporate world, many opportunities are missed due to the fear of building and developing an asset from scratch. The combination of the two worlds is one that produces significant benefits for both.