STUFF is a boutique agency that leads and manages innovation processes in corporations. The company and its strategic, creative, business-oriented team have extensive experience setting up, promoting and assimilating innovation in large corporations; we operate from the unequivocal insight that no organization, society or enterprise, however large, can create innovation alone. The pace at which the world constantly renews itself requires thinking outside the box; or better yet – outside the current.

Our experience in working with companies and brands on the one hand, while accompanying entrepreneurs, incubators, execs and startups on the other hand enables us to dance the delicate dance between deep familiarity with the company and maintaining an outside, objective perspective that will enable innovation in any organization. We are here for business opportunities, profitable partnerships, use of existing assets in order to leverage potential, generate growth engines, etc. And, most importantly, our strong relationship to practical things creates realistic and adaptable innovation.