So here are 5 things that you need to know about us:


We lead innovation processes in corporations. We dive inside enough to understand and get to know companies in depth, but with a clear view of the outside landscape in order to ensure freshness, create opportunities and inspire. We come to know how best to support you from every possible direction and play devil’s advocate when necessary, enabling different outlooks and creating strategic collaborations, products, and a new influx of money.




We have founded, invested in and accompanied dozens of startups, from hardware to guitar players to social applications. Some of the companies are listed on the stock exchange, and some have failed spectacularly.



We combine methodologies from the startup world with leading corporations in the market in order to create new products, services and business models. You have come to know some of these innovations over the last year, and the rest you will meet in the near future.



We believe in bringing creative minds drawn from different disciplines into the discussion room and having them meet with inspiration and creativity, to shatter paradigms and create groundbreaking business opportunities.



We are big believers in trial and error, and we push for challenging the boundaries of the status quo and promoting the ability to do things quickly. Business processes and models need to be verified against the business reality, in order to quickly draw conclusions about their profitability and potential need for change. It’s better to make quick mistakes and correct them just as quickly, than to invest a lot in improving a theoretical model that may work, but may also fail.


And if you’re looking for a bit of boring, technical background?

STUFF was founded in 2012 by Moran Saar Bechar and Yaki Gani – born entrepreneurs, strategy people, storytellers, and people of action. For years we have built, established and created exceptional projects in the digital and marketing world for international brands, accompanied dozens of startups, and were partners in founding our projects HearMeOut, Dogiz, OMB, Flipex, JO and more.

People that work with us