Workshops and Lectures

Looking for the other original and more creative way to create inspiration in an organization? Want to lead a conversation about innovative solutions? Draw from new content sources?

We believe that the most important value is a combination of inspiration and experience, so our lectures are almost always combined with the experience of dozens of events, workshops, lectures and concept days, in which we offer a variety of content solutions for small and large corporations. 

Lectures are tailored to a variety of topics related to innovation, inspiration and thinking workshops, and in general, we like to be challenged with any pitch.

Creativity, Innovation and Rock and Roll

How do you start thinking creatively in large organizations? Through an experiential and inspiring lecture on innovation processes, work methodologies, dynamics and creative thinking. And what is the connection between these processes to Pink Floyd, Lenny Kravitz, Dudu Tessa and Kobi Peretz…?

An inspiring lecture, business insight, and lots of music >>

The Perfect Pitch

Have you heard the phrase “Could he sell ice to Eskimos?”

So let us propose the alternative: “He is a storyteller at the level of Tarantino / Woody Allen / Haim Gouri.” We live in a world where attention spans are short, distractions are numerous and our ability to make the other side listen without shifting their gaze to a mobile device lies in our innate – but nevertheless, acquired – storytelling capabilities.

So what is the perfect pitch? What elements should it contain in order to capture the target audience? What is important to say, what should be avoided, and how do you accurately deliver the messages to those who are listening?

The perfect pitch is accessible as a workshop / lecture, or a one-to-one meeting with entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople and marketers, but it’s suitable for anyone who wants to convey a message to a target audience of any kind.

Inspiration Days

Inspiration is the ability to take the mind into new areas, to contemplate and challenge what currently exists. A spark suddenly flashes in our mind’s eye; it makes us smile, and we’d probably want to tell the people close to us about what we heard/experienced.



As part of our what we do, we are constantly searching for inspiration, and our most meaningful insight has been that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places; from the hors d’oeuvres of a sit-down meal, from a witty lecture, from a musical work, from a child’s painting, from a touching story, from a brilliant idea, from life experience, from photography, or from anything that manages to inspire us to create something of our own.



From our days of inspiration, we’ve seen opportunities to shake off our routine; to give ourselves up to an enriching moment, one that will be a bit surprising – perhaps exciting or funny – but mainly touching, and which creates an opportunity to reexamine things or discover something new. We love to create the connections between corporate goals and inspiration, because we love taking action almost as much as we like to dream.


We believe that creative brainstorming is a whole different animal – one that is wild and productive. The best ideas come from non-thought out statements, made by people who irritate the people sitting beside them and their excellent ideas.


A quality brainstorm is one in which people do not stop talking, who refrain from giving up or saying “it can’t happen” and allow the defined time to be free of restraints, restrictions or barriers. It’s a bit like children who have a conversation about how to build the tallest tower in the sandbox.

In order to delineate such a productive discourse, we are prepared with a methodology that enables us to attack the challenge from different directions- so if you get stuck at any moment, we know how to provide a lifeline that raises the conversation to new heights.